Many are surprised to learn that some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood and the entertainment industry understand the appeal of cabin living and have invested in properties of their own. The appeal of peaceful and stylish living is not lost on these big-name celebrities.

Megan Mullaley, wife of “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman said in a recent interview with InStyle magazine that the couple “would literally be living in a log cabin” if it was up to him. He has the right idea!

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Celebrities Young and Old Who Have Enjoyed the Cabin Lifestyle

In 2013, A cabin once owned by Howard Hughes and frequently visited by JFK and Marilyn Monroe was on the market for over $16 million dollars.


“Sixth Sense” star Bruce Willis can add great taste in architecture as a seventh sense. This cabin in Idaho belonged to him until he sold it in late 2018 at what is the largest residential transaction ever to happen in that area. This beautiful property spans 24.5 acres!


This one may not be the most surprising but nestled on an old Elk farm in Montana is this modest yet beautiful cabin owned by Zookeeper and Animal Expert Jack Hanna. The cabin is roughly 800 sq. feet.

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Did you know? Just outside Reading, PA in Schuylkill County, Muhammad Ali had a collection of log homes that he used as a multipurpose training camp and “home away from home.”

Ali’s business manager said regarding his property, “He loved it.  All the houses he bought, someone else lived there first. This is something he created. He cut the logs. He knew what kind of gym he wanted. It was his own creation.”