“There’s No Place Like the Cabin”

The Cabin Loft

We’ve spent some time on the first floor of the cabin in the previous installments of this blog series. Now let’s head upstairs to a space where the design possibilities are endless. To a room that overlooks the great room and offers opportunities for something that not every house can host. With an entrance right off the top of the stairs and a window or two streaming the outside light in, the room is a blank canvas ready to be functionally painted with purpose for whatever the need is. The cabin loft. Its definition may vary by home, but its exciting essence remains the same – where the unexpected is expected. Because the loft can become anything, we’re going to be taking a different route in this edition of the series and outline room possibilities alongside some design tips. Here’s to creating a cabin loft space with a view that doubles in function.

One More Bedroom

When an extra few unanticipated guests decide to stop by and stay for the weekend, the cabin loft provides the perfect home solution to welcome them in worry-free. It’s simple to have a queen size bed with a nightstand on either side or two twin beds for the kiddos. But since this space thrives on the unexpected, choose a murphy bed for the room. This way the space can easily be flexible and remain one room during the day – with the wall bed acting as an eye-catching feature – and with a simple pull of a handle, become a bedroom at night. It’s so genius, we wish we would have thought of this ourselves. They come in various styles and colors, with selections that are hidden with couches, pull-out desks and even stowed in the ceiling, multifunction has never been easier and looked better.

One More Book

Who wouldn’t want a library in their home to hold all of the classic stories of the past and of our present? And with room to host an office desk where you can be inspired to write your own too? In your cabin loft, maximize the space with built-ins that can be customizable to a room that because of awkward angles, may not hold certain furniture pieces well. Shelves can display artwork, books, and other décor while lower cabinets can store the objects that may not be as pretty but are necessity. Implement this with the previous sleeping solution option to make this the go-to space for all things work, play, and rest.

One More Kitchen

A cabin loft kitchenette gives guests some independency when it comes to food. Because let’s face it, not everyone has the same hunger schedule and not everyone enjoys a constant stream of individuals in and out of the kitchen, rummaging for something satisfying. Here’s where the cabin loft becomes more than useful. Working with the space you have, lean towards compact appliances that naturally take up little room and opt for floating shelves instead of upper cabinets to make the space feel bigger. If there’s a window in your cabin loft, mirror the banquette in your main kitchen here for seating, storage and even early morning bird watching. There’s so much more that could be said about transforming a cabin loft. From a game-room, in home theater, and man cave, to possible laundry and extra storage solutions, the cabin loft is a space with tremendous potential. Add interest to the space and to the overall view with a railing that boasts beautiful curvatures. When privacy is needed in the space, install a curtain rod at its entrance and hang curtains that complement the others in the home. These can easily be tied back during the day, acting as a frame for the room.

Whatever meaning the cabin loft takes in your home, remember to focus on the unexpected, because that is what is going to drive personality in your design.

About the Author

Julia holds a BA degree in Communication Studies and is passionate about using words well to tell the stories that matter most in our world. When she’s not working on new ideas for Conestoga Log Cabins, you can find her decorating, baking, or looking at vintage typewriters while antique shopping – all done with a cup of coffee not too far away.