You’re making your way to the log cabin, mentally double-checking everything on the holiday agenda got the cabin Thanksgiving table. Who’s making the turkey? What activities are planned? Has grandma been picked-up already? As the other festively decorated log cabins pass you by and your arrival time nears, you sense a feeling of relief as you reach the end of your list and see that all has been fulfilled.

All but one thing.

Have you ever made the transition from the great room to the dining room at the sound of “Dinner’s Ready” and just stood at the cabin Thanksgiving table for a few seconds before sitting down? It’s in that moment that you wonder “Where should I sit?” as you mentally organize and reorganize people’s places at the cabin Thanksgiving table. If you’re the host, maybe you prevent this all together with place cards or something similar. But if these few seconds are still a part of your holiday cabin routine, then it’s time to implement a strategy that will not only give you these precious seconds back, but will make the table even more enjoyable. Here’s your guide to everyone’s place at the cabin Thanksgiving table with their personalities in mind.

The Head of the Table

Meet the Father Figure. The person who almost everyone at the table bears the last name of. This individual is a wealth of information and can bring you up to speed on just about anything. This encyclopedic wisdom is established and grown through questions – So get ready to direct some answers that way. Anything that the kids are learning about in history class, this individual may have an insider (or eyewitness) perspective on. While this personality can be seen as the anchor in a lot of ways, this individual is a silent observer as well, taking in and evaluating all that happens.

The Middle of the Table

Meet the Conversation Traffic Director. As the time goes on and conversation breaks into smaller groups at the cabin Thanksgiving table, this individual knows how to jump in and navigate well through different topics. This person is eccentric and knows how to tell a good story. If there’s ever a lull in discussion, you can count on this individual to start up the engagement once again. This person has a way of making the discussion at the cabin Thanksgiving table as memorable as it always is.

The Corner of the Table

Meet the Escape Artist. There’s something about this individual that’s slightly mysterious and you can’t quite put your finger on it. This person is incredibly helpful in moving the conversation at the cabin Thanksgiving table and being willing to add an extra hand where needed but doesn’t show all of his/her cards like others in the family may. This person may take on a little bit of the silent observer trait found in his/her neighbor (the head of the table) and may be caught scheming with said neighbor to instigate fun trouble. Because its location may be close to the kitchen, it may also be prime seating for the host or chef of the evening to easily escape to the kitchen as needed.

There’s a lot that happens at the cabin Thanksgiving table during the holiday season. Memories are brought up as new ones are made. Traditions are passed down and evolve as new members get added to the family. And the food always seems to satisfy more than just your appetite. Give your family’s diverse personalities a place to flourish at the cabin Thanksgiving table by understanding what that seat truly means to them and the overall experience. No longer do you have to wait a few seconds at the table before sitting down. Confidently take your seat knowing that the familiar holiday experience wouldn’t be what it is without the representation of every personality there.

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