Many log cabin owners subsidize the cost of ownership by renting their properties to vacationers.  Whether you are using a local rental agency or an online service, you will want your home to look its best in advertisements.  Staging a log cabin rental ensures that you present your property in the best possible light.  Vacationers want to be able to picture a getaway retreat.  Here are a few tips to help travelers envision themselves enjoying the log cabin life at your rental.


This is so very important!  Clear off the kitchen counters!

Uncluttered Kitchen Counters

Uncluttered Kitchen Counters

Keep shelves and tables uncluttered so guests can imagine putting their stuff there.  All the personal things that make the cabin special to your family like pictures of grandma without her teeth in, religious artifacts and handmade children’s crafts may turn off prospective renters.

Cleanliness really is next to godliness

Issues that you’ve grown accustomed to, such as that juice box stain on the sofa, may turn away potential renters.  Furniture and carpet should be stain free.  Stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors should be scuff free.

Trim the trees

Take some time to spruce up the landscaping.  Mow the grass.  Pull weeds.  Spread mulch.  You don’t want your log cabin rental to look like something out of a summer camp horror movie.

Let the light shine in

Log cabins can appear overly dark in pictures.  To fix this problem, clean the windows and open the blinds.  Turn on all of the lights.  Lighting goes a long way to improve photographs.  Check out our blog on Lighting Tips.

Highlight the good stuff

If you have amenities such as a hot tub, fireplace or outdoor fire pit show them off.  Turn on the jets of the hot tub so guests can imagine themselves soaking.  Light the fire so visitors can better sense the warmth.

log cabin rental Inviting Outdoor Area

Inviting Outdoor Area

Showcase outdoor living spaces

Vacationers want to see the porch rockers where they can

log cabin rental Set the Table

Set the Table

enjoy their morning coffee.   Help them imagine relaxing on the outdoor loungewear while the sun sets.


Set the table

Let buyers see the place settings they will use while staying at your cabin.  Place flowers in a vase.  If you want to set the scene for a romantic getaway, put out a bottle of wine and glasses.

Bathrooms need to be more than clean.

Bathrooms must appear spotless.  In addition to thoroughly cleaning, remove toiletries and other items from the counters.  If the toilet is in the picture, make sure the lid is down!

Make the beds

Even if you are not providing linens for your guests, the beds should look attractive in the posted images.  Fluff the pillows and straighten the covers.

Don’t forget the plants

If your cabin includes houseplants, make sure they don’t appear neglected.  Leaves should be green, perky and dust-free.