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“There’s No Place Like the Cabin”

The Cabin Backyard – Your Outdoor Oasis

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What are log homes without the outdoors? Without nature painted like a canvas through every window asking us to enjoy all that it has to offer. When we travel to the cabin, we are traveling to an experience, one that would not be what it is without its organic location. We look forward to the warm hues that peep through the trees when the sun begins to set and that repeated view in the still of a crisp morning. It invites us to be relaxed and reflective through its unique sights, sounds, and smells. Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Memories are surely made at the cabin. But nature is the secret ingredient to making those memories truly memorable. Let’s step outside to your cabin backyard and begin prepping for your very own piece of paradise.

Cabin Backyard Design

Log homes can feature their own decks as an extension of the cabin itself, or a patio with stone pavers in the cabin backyard. Deck coverings can be provided with a cabin’s roof. Yet, if this is not true of the kit you choose from our cabin plans, implement an outdoor furniture set that can easily have an umbrella to shield you on those extra sunny days. Patio spaces offer the opportunity to boast a pergola to add architectural interest to your cabin backyard. String lights here to reflect the stars at night and hang curtains for added privacy and texture. But if your space allows, make your cabin backyard the ultimate entertaining space with a grilling and dining area on the deck and with just a few steps down, an outdoor lounging area beneath the pergola, featuring a plush sectional, coffee table, area rug, and possibly a hanging fan. You and your guests may momentarily forget to head back inside, even in the wintertime.

Smart Storing

His power tools. Her garden supplies. Their pool accessories. At the end of the day, all these things can become overwhelmingly disorganized without the proper solution. Meet the cabin shed. Aesthetically, it will compliment the style of your own cabin while functionally providing an organized answer to any unnecessary chaos. Gone are the days of tripping over shovels and rakes with this shed in your cabin backyard. But if you’re looking for a personal escape at your cabin escape, transform your cabin backyard shed into your own domain, fitted with the perfect pieces to inspire both productivity and relaxation. Whether it’s her she shed, his man cave, or their play pen, incorporating a shed in your cabin plans creates space for moments (and belongings) that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Warm Gathering

You probably have a fireplace in your great room that naturally draws everyone to the space. Log homes that reflect the same inviting atmosphere in your cabin backyard adds warmth and a focal point for gathering. A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can become anchors for extra seating arrangements in your cabin backyard. They can both be constructed from the same stones used from the rest of the hardscaping or out of an appropriately different material as well. Place a few Adirondack chairs around the fire pit or build a banquette-like bench near the fireplace to have the perfect lounging for smores, stories, and familiar songs. Don’t forget to be thoughtful in your landscape design. Hug the perimeter of your cabin with bushes that acclimate well to the weather, and flowers that will add pops of color. Place potted plants on the available surfaces in your cabin backyard and hang them where you can too. Take the time to find the ideas that can easily make your backyard dreams a reality. Your next oasis is disguised as your cabin backyard, simply waiting to be unveiled of all its potential. Save the plane ticket for your next vacation destination and transform your outdoors into a space that revivals resorts.

About the Author

Julia holds a BA degree in Communication Studies and is passionate about using words well to tell the stories that matter most in our world. When she’s not working on new ideas for Conestoga Log Cabins, you can find her decorating, baking, or looking at vintage typewriters while antique shopping – all done with a cup of coffee not too far away.