The tiny house trend has certainly expanded and for many is now a “tiny homes lifestyle”. It has its origins in the late ’90s but has really begun to gain traction and popularity in the last 10 years. Log Cabin living has

But why?

One major reason the tiny house trend has become so popular is that recession-weary individuals, millennial’s in particular, have recognized the benefit and the financial freedom that downsizing, potentially to the point of living in a tiny home, can bring you.

Millennials, in particular, have witnessed many of their family members, friends, and loved ones suffer the loss of a home, or the inability to pay for large mortgages. USA Today did a poll recently that asked individuals what the smallest place they ever lived was and the results may be surprising:

Log Cabin Tiny Homes

A “tiny home” is considered to be less <1,000 sq. ft. Buyers are beginning to notice that log cabins offer an additional benefit and added cost savings because of the availability of “ready to build” kits. Don’t let the term “kit” fool you, log kits can still be customize-able and delivered to you in a manner which is easy to put together.

Conestoga Log Cabins has many lovely options for Tiny Homes. Check out the link below: