It’s almost impossible to turn on a home improvement channel and not find some sort of tiny house program.  There’s Tiny House Living, Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Big Living, Tiny Luxury, Tiny House Builders, and Tiny House Hunters.  Tiny houses are popping up at camp sites, communities, back yards and RV parks.   The tiny house revolution appears to be in full swing.

Tiny House Living is the New Trend

There are many reasons people decide to try tiny cabin living:

  • Get away from being house poor
  • Tired of having so much stuff
  • Reducing environmental impact by an estimated 26,000 lbs of CO2 per yeartiny house living
  • Less to clean
  • Dreams of simplicity and freedom
  • They are just so darn cute!

So can you combine your tiny house dream with your dream of living in a log cabin?  Of course you can!  Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms so you can merge the best of both worlds and build a tiny log cabin.

The average American home is 2,600 square feet while tiny houses range from 100-400 square feet.  Conestoga offers two models that are around 400 square feet, the Boulder Lodge Tiny Log Cabin and Bear Creek Tiny Log Cabin.  Each offers a private bedroom and space for a three piece bathroom and kitchenette.  Even though tiny, the great room can accommodate a table for four as well as lounging space.  If you want something even smaller, check out the Serenity Tiny Cabin.  At just 280 square feet, it’s designed so that all necessities will fit as well as some non-essentials.

 A Few Considerations Before You Build a Tiny Log Cabin House

  • Do local building codes and requirements have minimum home size standards.
  • Can your relationships endure that much closeness and lack of solitude?
  • Are you organized enough to make it work?
  • Are you ready to part with some possessions?
  • Can you forgo buying in bulk in wholesale stores to save money on paper towels?
  • Will limited entertaining space be a problem?
  • Bathroom noises – just how close are you to your loved ones?

Log cabins have stood the test of time.  Time will tell if tiny cabins and houses are here to stay or just a trend.  For now tiny house log cabins combine a classic with a new take on housing. What are your thoughts on tiny house living in a cabin?