We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product: log cabin horse run-in sheds! This unique addition combines the timeless, rustic charm of a kit with a haven for horses to retreat to throughout the day. The run-in shed offers horses the freedom to choose between roaming the pasture or seeking shelter from the rain and snow. Our customizable horse run-in sheds offer a range of benefits, all while upholding our commitment to sustainable practices. If you’re considering adding a new sanctuary for your horses, look no further. Our log cabin horse run-in sheds are the perfect addition to your property and the well-being of your horses. Discover the benefits of owning a log cabin run-in shed, how it fulfills your equestrian needs, and the improvement our log structures can make to your pasture compared to a traditionally built run-in.

Easier Cleanup

A horse run-in shed can make cleanup much simpler and faster than the typical process of cleaning a stall in the barn. Since the run-in shed would be in the pasture, horses will have access to the shed as they desire, promoting better ventilation and a healthier environment. It also encourages horses to move around as they wish, benefiting their digestive system and joints as they receive their daily exercise. A stall, on the other hand, forces horses to be confined to a smaller space, restricting their opportunity to roam. A constant airflow within the run-in shed will also minimize any odor. While a horse run-in shed simplifies cleanup and promotes a healthier environment by allowing horses to move freely, the durability of the structure takes these advantages a step further.


Why not have your horse run-in shed built from the same materials as a log cabin? Our durable horse shelter is guaranteed to stand for decades with the appropriate upkeep, even through extreme weather conditions. The simplicity of the shed gives it a natural look and will blend into different settings while the minimalistic, appealing design embodies the sense of peace that nature brings. Log structures require low maintenance compared to other methods of building a run-in shed. This reduces the risk of water penetrating and causing damage to the structure. While a traditionally built run-in may use chemicals to keep the structure from deteriorating, Those chemicals can have a negative impact on the environment. Whereas, a log cabin develops a protective layer from the natural elements over time, which enhances the structure’s character, and its timeless appeal, while also further minimizing its environmental impact. The natural insulation can keep the animals comfortable in all seasons. Longevity is crafted into each of our log cabin kits from the moment you begin working with our team to accurately design the horse run in shed that accommodates your specific desires.


The horse run-in shed can be customized to fit your pasture’s needs and give your animals shelter for a sense of safety. It is recommended for horses to have 12 feet by 12 feet in their stalls for ample space to move around and not feel confined. This recommended space is for one 1,000 pound horse, although we know this must be adjusted for larger horses. Every equestrian owner has different needs and preferences for their animals, which is why Conestoga Log Cabins offers customization options of our horse run-in sheds along with our   and . Additionally, a custom log cabin horse run- in shed increases the value of the property it is on significantly more than traditional run-ins do. This is because of the logs’ sustainability, quality, and aesthetic design. In terms of resale, you will attract prospective buyers who will appreciate the investment you made to your property with this type of horse run-in shed, especially as environmentally conscious efforts continue to rise.

Sustainable Materials

Just like all our log cabin kits, these new horse run-in sheds follow an environmentally friendly process in our manufacturing facility. Since our log structures follow ISO-14001 Environmental Management System standards, you can ensure your new run-in is designed with sustainability as our top priority. The energy-efficient design maximizes the use of each log and does not go to waste here at CLC. Our new line promotes the well-being of horses while also balancing sustainable forestry. Since there is natural insulation, it minimizes the need for adding any additional insulation materials. Horses want to feel safe and comfortable in their environment and log structures can contribute immensely to this. CLC’s log cabins absorb and store heat, which means it eliminates any need for climate control. A traditional run-in shed may use materials that are not environmentally friendly, leading to a shorter lifespan of the structure and requiring more maintenance over time.  Choose sustainability and comfort for your animals with our horse run-in sheds!

Our team is ready to design your run-in. Minimize your time and money spent cleaning out an ordinary stall and check out our premium horse run-in sheds HERE!