Celebrate July 4th, our Independence Day in traditional style at your log cabin. If you don’t have a log cabin there are many available to rent, or better yet start building yours for next year!

1. Escape Home and Normal Routines

If your cabin isn’t far from home and you are lucky enough to have July 4th off, take a trip!  Spending the holiday in the cabin with family and friends lighting up sparklers will get you away from your normal routine and give you a breather before you return to work.

2. Creative Cabin Activities

There are activities at the cabin that you just can’t do at home.  Start a campfire, sleep outside under the stars, create a scavenger hunt in the woods.  The options are endless!  Enjoy the 4th in cabin style!

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3. Chance to Explore Nature

We have the freedom to enjoy nature as it is.  Isn’t that what the 4th is about?  Our freedoms.  Enjoy your freedom to go on a nature walk, bird watch, skip rocks, or find constellations in the sky.  Celebrate your freedoms away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and come back relaxed and recharged.

4. Star Gaze

Do you really need man-made fireworks when you have a whole sky of burning stars?  Find your old dusty telescope and go outside and light up your imagination.  Play connect the dots and see what you can create in the sky! Check out this constellation guide.

5. Make it Original

Of course, traditional celebrations and activities are fun, but creating your own is even more fun.  Create some traditions that you can pass down to younger generations like telling the story of the American Revolution over a campfire on the 4th of July, holding a family baseball game, or making your own light show, here’s how.

Create memories and traditions at your cabin that will be remembered for generations to come!