Cabin Blog Series Review

All the design highlights in one place. Every week over the past two months, we went on a journey through log homes together, searching for ways to transform your cabin house into a home. We reminisced on what each room represents, discovered how to beautifully dress functionality, and hosted nostalgia in every way we could. The blogs became platforms for new vision and ideas in log homes. They allowed us to pause and unpack the details of each room that we far too often overlook because of the busyness in our everyday. Let’s take a peek at some of the highlights from each week in review of our cabin interior design series, “There’s No Place Like the Cabin.”

Your Cabin Kitchen

The right cabinets and countertops are a design recipe for the perfect kitchen cuisine in log homes. A bold or soft toned cabinet face can complement the butcher block or stone surface that stretches across your kitchen. Vintage appliances are natural nostalgic features to transform your cabin kitchen into a needed culinary time machine. Wood flooring will match the warm tones found in log homes, but vinyl flooring can do just that and more with its various pattern and color selections. Finish the space off with plants by the kitchen windowsill, fine dishes on the floating shelves – or in see-through cabinets – and a fun runner whose pattern can hide whatever doesn’t make it in your sink and still be charming.

Your Cabin Great Room

It’s the natural second stop after the kitchen in log homes. Hang some prominent light fixtures from its grand ceilings and arrange your furniture pieces around the anchor of the space – the fireplace. Implement leather textures, family pictures, a beautiful stone fireplace facade, and enough seating for throw blankets and pillows. Swap out the TV for a record player for that added vintage touch and bring a corner of the room to life with a piano, large plant, or both.

Your Cabin Dining Room

Instead of the traditional table and chairs in log homes, gain more space and seating with a built-in banquette. Add a pop of color and pattern here with an upholstered fabric that can double as artwork for the room. Incorporate a centerpiece that features something old and something new, as a beautifully visual conversation starter for the table. Light the way for new memories with a hanging fixture over the table that either matches or complements the other ones throughout your cabin.

Your Cabin Loft

Here is where the room and design possibilities are endless across log homes. Constructed organizational solutions, like murphy beds, are the secret to unexpected functionality. With any kind you choose, you can create an extra bedroom, add an office, implement a kitchenette, or host all three and more with ease.

Your Cabin Bedroom

Bring your cabin dreams to life with light and airiness from the windows and by potentially whitewashing the walls. Highlight the room’s corner with a sitting nook or place chairs off to the sides of the fireplace if there is one present there. Introduce calming textures for your sanctuary, like velvet, to dress your bed and frame your windows with curtains that sport a muted tone for a relaxing and retreat-like atmosphere.

Your Cabin Bathroom & Closet

Log homes wouldn’t be what they are without them. Hence, don’t let these spaces go unnoticed! Repurpose an old dresser as your bathroom vanity. Match or complement the tile in your shower to your kitchen backsplash and use the colors there as guides for the rest of the space. Allow organization to be the feature of your cabin closets with woven baskets and hardware that follow the existing design palette throughout the home.

Your Cabin Backyard

A place where pergolas and umbrellas beautifully exist on the outside of log homes. With a firepit, deck, or patio, warm gatherings can be anticipated with outdoor seating, dining, and entertainment opportunities. But the real escape may be the shed, where everything can have its place, or you can have a domain to unwind away from the routine and chaos.

Your Cabin Front Porch

A log swing, porch bench, and a pair of rocking chairs are the perfect pieces to make your cabin front porch like the setting of a movie scene or just the focal point of log homes. Invest in a screened-in porch to enjoy it year-round. Lantern fixtures can frame your front door while also bringing it to life and night. Hang a wreath at that entrance that echoes the surrounding greenery or seasonal festivities and seal the design with a “Welcome” mat that does exactly just that. We couldn’t have been more excited to walk you through designing your cabin home room by room. We hope it has inspired you to create spaces that you never want to leave.

Stay tuned for our next blog series as we take you along another cabin journey that you won’t want to miss.

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Julia holds a BA degree in Communication Studies and is passionate about using words well to tell the stories that matter most in our world. When she’s not working on new ideas for Conestoga Log Cabins, you can find her decorating, baking, or looking at vintage typewriters while antique shopping – all done with a cup of coffee not too far away.