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Make the Most of a Small Log Cabin Kitchen

A cozy log cabin usually means a small kitchen. That doesn’t mean that function and design need to be sacrificed. Read these ten tips on making the most of a small log cabin kitchen.

1. Light it Up – Adding lights under cabinets will brighten up the space and make the kitchen more conducive to working. You don’t even have to call an electrician to hardwire your new lights. Look for wireless LED lights that are battery operated or rechargeable with a USB port. They are an inexpensive quick fix!log cabin kitchen
2. Rethink the sink – Maybe a double sink is a must have. Maybe you’d rather have the extra counter space that a single sink would provide. Think about how you function in the kitchen and what serves your needs best.
3. Open Shelves – Replace some upper wall cabinets with open shelves. You won’t lose any storage space but the log cabin kitchen will appear larger and more open. This is a great place for items you want to show off, cookbooks and daily used items. As an added bonus, shelves cost far less than cabinets.
4. Consider shallow cabinets – By decreasing the depth of your base cabinets (standard is 24”) you make more floor space available. Use traditional upper wall cabinets as base cabinets for an extra nine to twelve inches. In addition, it will be a lot easier to reach the items at the back of the cabinet!
5. Downsize Appliances – Smaller than standard appliances free up physical as well as visual space. A counter depth refrigerator still has plenty of room for food. A smaller apartment size dishwasher means there is space for a larger cabinet next to it. Plus you won’t have to wait as long for it to fill up before you run it. Unless you regularly host Thanksgiving dinner for 20, do you really need a standard range. Get a smaller version and have family and friends bring a dish.

log cabin kitchen
6. The Island Diet – A cozy kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to forgo an island. Islands are great when multiple chefs are cooking and when entertaining. An island on wheels can be rolled away when not in use. Consider a skinny island to maintain the benefits without overwhelming the space.
7. Keep the Kitchen Alive – Is there a nook for a potted plant? Maybe you can put a mini herb garden in the window. Take a walk around the cabin and cut some flowers and bring them in to brighten up the kitchen.
8. Add Soft Touches – Put some of your personality into the kitchen by selecting rugs and window treatments that reflect who you are.
9. Pegboards aren’t just for garages – Bring the pegboard inside, paint it whatever color you want, buy hooks and create an easy storage space. Hang pots, utensils and whatever else you want to access easily.
10. Cathedral Ceilings – If you already live in a cabin with cathedral ceilings, you know how even small rooms feel incredibly open and spacious. Even the tiniest of log cabin kitchens will feel roomy if it isn’t trapped under a flat ceiling.

Big Benefits of Building and Living in a Small Cabin

The Conestoga team recently returned from exhibiting at a Tiny Home expo in Virginia. This show attracted people curious about tiny living. While many people are captivated by the idea of living in under 400 square feet, most of us desire a little more space. Conestoga offers several tiny home plans but we can also accommodate those who want a home that is bigger than tiny. We know all about the benefits of building and living in a small cabin. Continue reading

Log Cabin Porch Pizazz

Log Cabin Porch Pizazz on a Budget

Spring has sprung!  We can finally pack away the snow shovels and boots and begin to transition into spending more time outdoors.  One of the best things about log cabin living is enjoying your surroundings while relaxing on the porch.  Is it time to add a little pizazz to your log cabin porch?   Would you like to liven it up without breaking the bank?  The following are inexpensive ways to make your porch even more inviting.  Continue reading

How To Downsize A Home

Downsizing is a word that we hear a lot these days.  Retirees are doing it.  Empty nesters are trying it.  Home improvement shows tell us how to downsize.  It’s even the title of a movie starring Matt Damon.  As long as it’s not your employer that is downsizing. it can be a good thing.  Downsizing is appealing for different reasons.  Continue reading

What Is The Difference Between Handcrafted and Milled Logs?

Whether you are looking for a perfect hunting getaway for a warm retreat for you and your family, there is something incomparably cozy and American about quality log homes.

It’s undeniable that log cabins are becoming increasingly popular. As of 2006, there were half a million log cabin homes in the United States, with the log home industry growing 73% between the years of 1980 and 2003.

However, if you are looking to make the switch to the log cabin lifestyle, sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out where to start. Log cabins are uniquely beautiful, but they also require a unique construction approach. Continue reading

Log Cabin Furniture – The Finishing Touches on Your Log Home Experience

For most people, the image of a log cabin evokes feelings of coziness and nature. From the warm tones of the wood logs to bearskin rugs and antler accents, log cabin homes offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that smoothly blends the elements of nature with the coziness of the indoors. The insides of these beautiful log homes mimic the rustic and natural elements found in their surroundings. Continue reading

CAD for Log Cabins

Computer Aided Design (CAD) was first used by engineers to create precision drawings and technical illustrations.   The use of CAD spread to other professions such as architects, artists, car manufacturers, fashion designers, video game developers and interior designers just to name a few.  Numerous industries utilize CAD programs to simplify the creation, modification and analysis process.  It’s no surprise that Conestoga Log Cabins uses the latest CAD programming to create its log cabin kits.  With CAD for log cabins, Conestoga works more efficiently and produces a higher quality finished product. Continue reading