First-time campers look to be the most prepared they can be before stepping out into unfamiliar territory. There are several factors they consider before confirming their plans. Does your campground offer what first-time campers are looking for to exceed their camping expectations?

Here are five things campers consider when they decide to start planning for their new adventure.


Everyone loves an honest review. This allows a person to consider another guest’s experience and can influence their decision to book with your campground or resort. It also serves as a source of credibility and trustworthiness, considering 46% trust reviews as much as a recommendation from a family or friend. The more reviews your campground has, the better. It builds your reputation and aids a camper’s decision. Although negative reviews might not have the best connotation for booking purposes, those reviews can help you enhance your campground or resort experience for future guests. How else will you know what to improve upon if your guests don’t tell you? Be sure that once you have addressed their concerns, to reach out to them and reply to the review they left. This way other potential guests will see that you are quick to engage with others, value their feedback, and put action behind the words they leave.

Campers want their first experience to be memorable and enjoyable. Once you know you have a happy first-time camper, make it easy for them to share their experience. Include a “Leave a Google Review” in your email signature and let them know how much you would appreciate them sharing their story. Online reviews are taken very seriously by guests. They act as windows for people to gauge a first impression before ever stepping foot on your property. The best way to be build these reviews is on Google and through testimonials that can be used in your marketing efforts.


“Can we bring our dog?” “Is there a way to meet other campers?” “Does this campground offer ADA compliant cabins?” “What else can we do during our stay?” “Are there activities for the kids?” “Is there a kitchen included in the cabin?” These are all questions posed by first-time campers in their initial research to book their getaway, although there are definitely more. Not having certain amenities could make-or-break their decision to choose your campground as the perfect spot for their family.

Pets are treated just like family members today and families are looking for those pet-friendly amenities including trails, designated areas, or grooming facilities for after a muddy hike. What fun is it leaving your dog at home, especially as first-time campers?

Additional amenities guests consider are recreational activities, Wi-Fi access, storefronts, and if there are ADA compliant log cabins available. Families with children are looking for areas to entertain their kids, or even having the opportunity to connect with other families over a bonfire. These amenities may not appeal to all first-time campers but their existence in your offerings can be the things that elevate your campground’s status over others.


Another thing first-time campers value is the location of the campground. “Is there a view?” “Is it easily accessible?” “What does the surrounding area offer?” Again, these are questions asked by first-timers to help them prepare for their upcoming trip. Understanding the location helps them organize the type of clothes to pack, how much bedding they will need, and any extra necessities.

Visitors want to go to a location with plenty to see and do to make their initial experience worthwhile. This could include picturesque views, proximity to town, safety, and their comfort level with camping. Some campers are looking to explore outside of the campground and want to have a list of activities and must-see spots to check off their list. Having these available on your website and at a check-in area excites the guest because they won’t want to miss out on it. Location highlights could include the rewarding views on the trails, nearby activities, or happenings in the area to garner attention. These factors are considered heavily not just by first-time campers, but experienced campers as well. This can tie back to reviews as potential guests seek out past visitors’ experiences and if their review includes any detail regarding location.


Location and weather go hand in hand. Fortunately, log cabin kits can give your guests the luxury of booking a stay year-round. Visitors want to pack accordingly and be prepared for any rain in the forecast, or even snow. Some guests may be looking for that perfect, cozy retreat to the woods and step into a welcoming log cabin, while others are looking for warmer weather to spend more time outdoors rather than next to the fire.

The weather influences what activities a camper can do, although, they may power through the rain and walk the trail to see the breathtaking view. Your website could highlight when the best time is to see the stunning view and use those images to lure guests in. Those views on your website and brochure will speak for themselves and have campers wanting to book their first getaway to your campground.


Everything mentioned above should be housed on your website. It is the place where first-time campers will repeatedly come back to when researching best campgrounds and resorts to stay at. You want to ensure that pictures are up to date and eye catching, information is accurate, and the site as a whole is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This is a vital component for campground owners to utilize because it allows first-time campers to search your website for different cabin rental options. Guests can easily consider which log cabins fit into their budget if your website has detailed offerings. It will be less time-consuming if they can book their stay online with just a few clicks instead of calling over the phone to find out more information.  A website that is maintained well says a lot about how your campground is. Be sure it is working well on your behalf.

If you’re ready to create an experience first-time campers will want to come back to year after year, contact us about why log cabin kits on your property will do just that.